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4 shows to remember the pagode of the 90s

Celebrate great successes of one of the styles most loved by Brazilians

The 1990s was a time of cultural effervescence and, within the many artistic manifestations, what stood out the most, of course, was the diversity. Inside a real cauldron of success, the pagode established itself as one of the most popular and most loved rhythms in Brazil.

In WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows, you can recall great performances by artists that emerged at that time and that are successful to this day. We've sectioned 4 amazing presentations, which are sure to unlock many of your memories.

Pixote - 15 Years

Pixote is one of the most beloved groups in pagode and its successes pack crowds to this day. This show is a true time capsule, given that it was recorded in 2007, when the group celebrated 15 years of career. At that time, the celebration was already in the process of the great successes launched by Pixote. Today, the timed songs were joined by others, later released (these you can check out in the series of shows recorded in the studio Showlivre).

Grupo Revelação - Ao Vivo No Morro

Grupo Revelação is one of the most classic within Brazilian music. With songs that deal with romance or positivisms, super necessary for anyone's life, the group has had a huge success in the whole country. Here at WePlay you remember the group's aureus times with the presentation "Ao Vivo No Morro", which has a lively audience, the result of an electrifying and charismatic performance.

Sorriso Maroto - Por Você Ao Vivo

I'm sure the members of Sorriso Maroto is a master at making romantic songs. And the group's signature did not go unnoticed in this show recorded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro. Watch and enjoy the great successes of Sorriso.

Negritude Jr. - Ao Vivo No Estúdio Showlivre

Negritude Junior was one of the most successful groups in the 1990s. And, of course, most of these songs we know how to sing from end to end to this day. At WePlay you remember these hits with a real show made at The Showlivre Studio.


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