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5 concerts by alternative artists to watch on WePlay

Tired of established musicians? WePlay is the right choice to meet new artists

Maglore em foto de Azevedo Lobo
Maglore in photo of Azevedo Lobo

The great names of our Brazilian music are always in our hearts, but meeting new exponents is also very good.

WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows, is the home of Brazilian music and, therefore, is a good space to meet new artists. We list here five highlights present on the platform:

5 - Mazin Silva - Por Inteiro

A musician who has gained attention on social networks for his virtuosity on guitar and acoustic guitar, Mazin Silva performs in full in this show recorded in Bluemenau (SC). The repertoire includes songs released in the 9 authorial albums released by the artist so far.

4- Bruna Caram - Alívio Ao Vivo

Bruna Caram em foto de Rodolfo Magalhães
Bruna Caram em foto de Rodolfo Magalhães

One of the great voices of the new generation of MPB, Bruna Caram unites the author with the great influences that permeated her life so far. The show "Alívio Ao Vivo" brings this synthesis, with partnerships, songs present in the album "Alívio" and versions of tracks that she admires.

3 - Zé Manoel - Delírios de Um Romance a Céu Aberto

Emotion should be Zé Manoel's last name. The pianist called to the stage great singers of national music, such as Fafá de Belém, Juçara Marçal and Mariana Aydar, to interpret his beautiful compositions. It is one of the most touching concerts in national music.

2 - Maglore - Ao Vivo No Cine Joia

Maglore is one of the best-praised bands in the current Brazilian independent rock scene, having even figured on lists of the best of the year with the album "V", released last year.

The group's live performance leaves nothing to be desired. With concerts full of energy, the band takes a true tour of all stages of their career. In the show recorded at Cine Joia, we highlight the songs from the acclaimed album "Todas As Bandeiras", released in 2017.

1 - Almério e Martins - Ao Vivo No Parque

If you've never heard either Almério or Martins, be surprised by this presentation full of poetry, depth, power and subtlety.

Pernambucan musicians Almério and Martins are already good in their own right, each in his own career. Behold, they decided to join on stage: what was good, got even better.

Watch all these shows at WePlay Music TV, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows


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