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Alceu Valença and the Best June Festival Experience You Can Have Today

"Meu Querido São João" captures the atmosphere of June festivals across Brazil.

Alceu Valença cantando
Alceu Valença em foto de divulgação

Recorded on July 1, 2022, at the welcoming Fundição Progresso in Rio de Janeiro, "Meu Querido São João" features a meticulously curated setlist to ensure that fun was the main theme of the night. Alceu Valença's classics fit perfectly alongside hits by Luiz Gonzaga; the joy and authenticity of this Pernambuco native also added a special flavor to the show.

With an explosive performance, Alceu strings together typically northeastern musical styles: xote, xaxado, baião, and coco de embolada.

The opening song of the show, "Pagode Russo" (João Silva), from Gonzagão's repertoire, was released as a studio single by Alceu in 2021. The version earned him the "Best Male Singer" trophy at the Brazilian Music Awards in 2023. Live, the song gains in excitement and organicity, where the audience's energy serves as an extra-boosting fuel.

The title track of the album, "My Dear Saint John," was initially composed for the film "The Telescope of Time," written and directed by Alceu Valença, released in 2015. In May 2023, Alceu launched a studio version of the song, sung by him in a duet with his son Juba.

We can't forget the gems: "Anunciação," "La Belle de Jour," "Girassol," and "Coração Bobo," songs that any unaware person can sing from start to finish at any June festival.

"Meu Querido São João" was recorded on July 1, not coincidentally, the date on which Alceu Valença celebrates his own birthday. Now at 77 years old, the artist continues with engines running, and on stage, he's a true Mick Jagger of Brazilian lands – or could Jagger be an Alceu Valença of English lands?

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