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Charity Festival Brings Big Music Names to East Zone of São Paulo

The Beatloko & Filhos do Ghetto Festival will feature the presence of Amanda Magalhães, Pixote, and many more.

Vocalista do Pixote
Dodô (Pixote | Photo: Ícaro Tavares

From December 19th to 21st, the first edition of the Beatloko & Filhos do Ghetto Festival will take place at the Vila Silvia Sports Center, located in the East Zone of São Paulo. Bringing together heavyweight artists, the project was created in partnership with the Beatloko Block, led by DJ Cia, known for being the first block of rap, hip-hop, and black music created for the São Paulo Carnival, attracting over 150,000 people at each edition. The promotion is carried out by the Filhos do Ghetto Institute - an entity responsible for various projects and direct actions in the community.

The artistic part of the festival is managed by Boia Fria Productions in conjunction with Kiko Latino, from Kikonnection. They spared no efforts to bring big names in Brazilian music to the stage in the East Zone of São Paulo. Among the musicians set to perform are Amanda Magalhães, Tiee, Pixote, Turma do Pagode, Mano Brown, and many more.

Admission to the event will be upon the donation of 1 kg of non-perishable food, with donations split between Action for Citizenship and Palestine. The organization estimates an audience of up to 30,000 people over the 3 days.

"The motto of this event is simple: the periphery can too. Having a large-scale festival with renowned artists within the community not only brings leisure and culture to the population but also generates jobs ranging from commerce to the presidency of the institute. All the people involved in building this project are from the community itself. The partnership with Beatloko, one of the largest blocks in São Paulo with such a large audience, only proves that unity is strength. We are bringing the ghetto to the ghetto," says Henrique Jambo, president of the Sons of the Ghetto Institute.

Check out the complete lineup for the Beatloko & Sons of the Ghetto Festival:

Amanda Magalhães

Netinho de Paula

Grupo Pixote

MC Hariel

Tz da Coronel



Grupo Entre Elas

Art Popular




DJ Cia convida Seu Jorge + Sandrão RZO

MC Daniel

Adriana Ribeiro

MC Cidinho

Turma do Pagode

MC Danny


MC Smith

Mano Brown & Ice Blue


Beatloko & Filhos do Ghetto Festival

Date: December 19th to 21st

Location: Vila Silvia Sports Center, R. Serra Verde, 901 - Vila Silvia, São Paulo - SP

Cost: 1 kg of non-perishable food


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