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Brazilian Songs that Soothe Babies

Songs to Help Babies Sleep Faster and Feel More Relaxed

Bebê dormindo
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When we talk about creating a calm and pleasant environment for babies to sleep, we often don't mention how essential music can be to make little ones feel comfortable. And why not use MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) songs to improve children's sleep? In addition to contributing to better rest, they will have their first contact with our rich Brazilian popular music.

Here, we have selected some songs that not only help babies fall asleep but also immerse them in a very special cultural atmosphere.

Check them out:

Chico Buarque - "João e Maria"

A classic song that mixes the tenderness of the melody with an enchanting narrative, "João e Maria" is an excellent choice for bedtime. Chico Buarque's gentle voice, along with the masterful poetry, creates a cozy atmosphere that can help soothe babies.

Mônica Salmaso - "Ciranda da Bailarina"

The version of "Ciranda da Bailarina" interpreted by Mônica Salmaso is charming and gentle. Besides being perfect for bedtime, it is practically synonymous with childhood. Surely, it's a song that will leave a lasting impression.

The captivating melody and Mônica's sweet voice create an environment of tranquility and security, ideal for creating a kind atmosphere for babies.

Alceu Valença - "Sabiá"

Composed by Zé Dantas and Luiz Gonzaga, "Sabiá" is a classic that evokes the beauty and simplicity of the Brazilian countryside. Nostalgia and nature permeate this song, making it a rich option to include in your special playlist for your baby.

Roberta Campos - "Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor"

One of the most beautiful songs in Brazilian music, "Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor," written by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges, fits perfectly with Roberta Campos's voice. Gentle and deep in its sentiment, it's ideal for calming babies at bedtime.

Caetano Veloso - " O Leãozinho"

A song that evokes sweetness and affection, "O Leãozinho" by Caetano Veloso is a perfect choice for bedtime. The simplicity of the melody and the loving lyrics make this song a favorite to lull little ones to sleep.

Dorival Caymmi - "Acalanto"

As the name suggests, "Acalanto" is a true lullaby. Dorival Caymmi's deep and comforting voice, combined with a gentle melody, makes this song one of the best options for soothing babies before sleep. It is also an absolute classic of national music.

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