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Brazilian songs that became soundtracks for successful movies

Updated: Mar 13

National music also contributed to the success of major films

Cena do filme "Bete Balanço"
Scene from the movie "Bete Balanço" | Disclosure

Brazilian music is truly a shining star, radiating in every corner of the world. And it's no surprise that this same music has earned a prominent place in major cinematic productions. In this article, let's delve into the universe of renowned movie soundtracks that featured Brazilian musical gems.

"Bete Balanço": The Perfect Harmony

When discussing soundtracks that shaped iconic films, it's impossible not to start with "Bete Balanço." Created by Barão Vermelho, this song was specially composed for the eponymous film released in 1984. With its distinctive sound, the song became a true classic, inseparable from the storyline that inspired it.

"O Matador": A Sonic Odyssey

Within the panorama of music in films, "O Matador" is an example that highlights the Brazilian essence on the big screen. Featured in the soundtrack of "Lisbela e o Prisioneiro," this instrumental song, performed by Sepultura, adds an extra dimension to the narrative and enriches the viewer's experience. The music accompanies the escapades of the character Frederico Evandro, played by Marco Nanini, creating a unique synergy between image and sound.

"Bicho de Sete Cabeças": Musicalized Emotion

Rodrigo Santoro delivered a visceral performance in "Bicho de Sete Cabeças." And that emotional intensity was amplified by the soundtrack, which included the version of the eponymous song interpreted by Zeca Baleiro. In addition to Baleiro's touch, the film also treats viewers to compositions by other great artists, such as Geraldo Azevedo and Marisa Monte.

"Esperando na Janela": An Immortal Classic

"Esperando na Janela" is an undeniable treasure in Brazilian musical repertoire. The song, already reinterpreted by various talented musicians, gained a new arrangement in the hands of Targino Gondim, a version you can watch on WePlay.

The film "Eu, Tu, Eles" also treated us to a special interpretation of the song, sung by none other than Gilberto Gil. This collaboration further elevated the grandeur of the work.

If you want to relive these incredible soundtracks and experience all the emotion they can offer, WePlay is for you. Access the first platform for streaming Brazilian shows now and enrich the soundtrack of your life!


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