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Brazilian Songs to Celebrate Mother's Day

Whether to reminisce or to pay homage, Brazilian music surrounds genuine feelings that are highlighted on this date.

Mãe e filha tocando música
Photo: Freepik

Mother's Day is a special occasion that evokes longing, joy, and, of course, the warmth of maternal love. And around any human feeling, music is present, whether to reminisce or to honor. We've selected some Brazilian songs that can convey these feelings.

Gal Costa - Minha Mãe

The figure of the mother as a comforting pillar is the main theme of this beautiful song echoed in Gal Costa's voice. Recorded by the singer on the album "A Pele do Futuro," the song brings emotion in every verse. "When I get very sad / I take my mother's photograph / And hold it tight against my chest / My hands stop trembling / Holding the photograph / And my heart beats stronger / But it's no longer pain that I feel," the song says.

Os Gonzagas - Passarinho

The analogy between a mother's care and the lessons given for children to "fly" can be highlighted in this beautiful song by the Paraíba group Os Gonzagas. Although children grow up, they always return to the "nest."

Caetano Veloso - Você é Linda

If on this Mother's Day you want to highlight the beauty of the woman who raised you, this song by Caetano Veloso is the perfect choice. Include the song in your tribute, and your mother will surely love it.

Engenheiros do Hawaii - De Fé

When the world is against you, there is a place where chaos turns into chaos, and of course, this place can be in a mother's arms. Although this song can fit into various other contexts, declaring it to your mother is a perfect act.

Xande de Pilares - Mãe

Everything we have and everything we are, we owe, of course, to our mothers. And that's what Xande de Pilares declares in this song. A true letter of gratitude and recognition that will surely bring tears to whoever listens.

Vanguart - Meu Sol

The sun gives us energy to wake up and live one day at a time. Like a guiding star, the comparison is inevitable to the role of mothers in our lives.

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