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Cantadas, the book for those who are passionate about Brazilian female singing

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Written by music critic Mauro Ferreira, the book features essays on revered Brazilian singers

Adriana Calcanhotto, uma das perfiladas de Mauro Ferreira, em foto de Leo Aversa
Adriana Calcanhotto, one of the profiles of Mauro Ferreira, in photo of Leo Aversa

Brazil has always been a country that reveals great singers. And, in music, this role is not just for the muses, in the aesthetic sense of seeing things. In "Cantadas", the most recent book by journalist Mauro Ferreira, the singing of Brazilian women is given as an element of seduction (hence the name "Cantadas").

Regarded as one of the main music critics in Brazil, Mauro Ferreira fell in love with female singing from an early age, having been highly influenced by singers such as Clara Nunes and Alcione. The so-called "seduction" does not come only from refined singing techniques. The critic takes into account, each with its context, elegance, relevance and most importantly, "singing with the soul". These are characteristics that may seem more abstract, complex to understand. But they are noticeable when we see performances that do stir our feelings.

The book, released by Garota FM Books, features essays on 35 great voices of women in Brazilian music. Unpublished texts bring information and analyzes on the trajectories of big names, such as Alaíde Costa, Adriana Calcanhotto, Gal Costa, Angela Ro Ro, Cássia Eller and much more. You can watch great shows from these pillars of national music on WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows.

The book descends from another project by the author, Cantadas – The seduction of the female voice in 25 years of musical journalism (2013), but it is not a revised and expanded edition. The current book is unpublished, with occasional reproductions of one or another paragraph of the previous one. What remains the same is the author's passion for Brazilian singers.

The publication is essential for lovers of Brazilian music, especially of great female figures who take the pride of our culture to the world. Learn more about how to purchase the book on the Garota Fm Books website.



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