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Coala Festival announces Mariana Aydar, Mestrinho, and O Terno

5 a Seco and Xande de Pilares are also confirmed for this year's edition

Mestrinho e Mariana Aydar
Foto: Autumn Sonnichsen/Divulgação

The Coala Festival, which had already announced 5 a Seco and Xande de Pilares for this year's edition, recently revealed new names that complement the lineup of one of Brazil's main music events. The first attraction is Mestrinho and Mariana Aydar, who will perform together on the same stage. The connection between the artists is not new and even aligns with their latest project, the album "Mariana e Mestrinho."

"It's a show that values the culture of forró pé de serra and Brazilian popular culture, keeping the flame alive and giving the visibility that this genre deserves," evaluates the duo. Mariana Aydar and Mestrinho were introduced by the singer Dominguinhos, and since then, the friendship and musical partnership between the two have taken shape. The paths of the artists with Coala have crossed before: they opened the virtual edition of the event in 2020.

And Coala will also be a stage for farewell (at least, a temporary goodbye). The band O Terno, which was at the event's debut edition back in 2014, will perform at the festival as a farewell before a hiatus.

After four years away from the stage, O Terno returned this year with the intention of ending the "<atrás/além>" tour. The spectacle - a partnership between the group and Coala Music - has been a commotion wherever it goes (a sum of the fans' longing with the density of the trio's songs). Something that should gain even more intense proportions at the Coala Festival 2024 - given the new farewell.

"For us, Coala will be a symbolic farewell, after all, it's the last show in our country, in our city, where everything started. And in this festival, which is also a product and engine of new Brazilian original music, which has grown parallel to us in the last 10 years. We played at the first edition of Coala 10 years ago, today they are dear partners of ours on this tour, and to do this closing as headliners will be a beautiful celebration for us, and we want to see everyone there with us," comments Tim Bernardes.

The Coala Festival takes place on September 6, 7, and 8, at the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo.

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