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Lobão didn't like Marina Lima's version of "Me Chama"? Learn the story behind the song

Updated: Jan 11

The song was recorded by the two, in two different versions, in 1984

Cantor Lobão
Lobão in photo of Anatole Klapouch

The song "Me Chama" is a classic in Brazilian rock. Composed by Lobão, it was first released by Marina Lima in 1984. There's a rumor that Lobão didn't like Marina's version of the song. Is it true?

To understand the matter, we need to go back to the context of the composition. Lobão wrote "Me Chama" during one of the saddest moments of his life. His mother had just passed away, and his then-girlfriend, Alice Pink Pank, decided to stay with the family in the Netherlands after the death of her father. In a moment of total loneliness, sadness, and longing, one of the singer's most famous compositions was born.

Launched by Marina Lima on the album "Fullgás" in 1984, the song was a huge success. However, Lobão, who actively participated in the recording (as he played the drums), disagreed with the arrangement, which gave a more pop and romantic tone to the track.

According to the old wolf, the song was about suffering, so certain parts of the music also had to be sung with more intensity, which didn't happen through Marina's "velvety" interpretation.

Lobão then recorded his own version of the song, also in 1984. The track reached the public on the album "Ronaldo Foi Pra Guerra" and, once again, became a resounding success.

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