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  • Lucas Lima

“Envelheço na Cidade”, of Ira! is a hymn for youth

Song composed by Edgard Scandurra brings the aura of youth

Ira! is one of the biggest bands in Brazilian rock and has been active since the 1980s, with classics such as “Dias De Luta”, “Flores Em Você” and “Girassol”. The band, commanded by Nasi and Edgard Scandurra, continues to this day on the road packing crowds. A prominent song of the São Paulo group is “Envelheço Na Cidade”. The lyrics of the song were written by Edgard Scandurra, when he was 20 years old.

The year was 1982 and, sitting on one of the benches of The Ana Rosa Station, the São Paulo Metro, Edgard Scandurra began to reflect on his own birthday, which was close. In his head came the images of friends, schoolmates and even an ex-girlfriend. In fact, all these people were no longer part of the musician's conviviality.

From that concern about the fact that he was getting older, he wrote the letter of "Envelheço Na Cidade", a hymn that represents nostalgia and the search for youth. The recording of the track took place years later in 1986 on the album “Vivendo e Não Aprendendo". The sound is pure Influence of English rock, especially The Who, a band that Edgard is a fan to this day. Even one of the english group's classic songs, "My Generation", says, "I hope to die before I get old".

The phrase, and the songs of Ira! reflect precisely this thought. The conservation of youth goes far beyond age in numbers.

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