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Going to Concerts Can Increase Life Expectancy by Up to Nine Years

Updated: Jan 11

According to a study, attending music performances frequently boosts self-esteem and mental stimulation.

Mulher assistindo a show pelo celular
Photo: Pixabay

Going to music concerts has evolved from a mere entertainment activity to a matter of health. This is because, as reported by a study conducted by O2 and behavioral science expert Patrick Fagan, attending a music performance every two weeks can increase life expectancy by up to nine years.

According to the research, music enhances self-esteem, closeness with others, and mental stimulation, consequently contributing to personal pleasure.

The results were obtained through psychometric tests and heart rate monitoring, revealing that experiencing a music performance for just 20 minutes can result in a 21% increase in the sense of well-being.

According to the British magazine New Musical Express, there is a "positive correlation between the regularity of concert attendance and well-being," and "additional academic research directly links high levels of well-being to a nine-year increase in life expectancy."

Good news for music lovers, right?!

Music and well-being at any time of the day

Of course, attending music concerts may not be as easy as it sounds, but benefiting from the well-being that music brings is indeed possible. With WePlay Music TV, the first platform for streaming Brazilian shows, you can (re)experience the greatest Brazilian music performances at any time of your day and from anywhere. And this also has gratifying benefits.

Watching Brazilian music shows on a streaming platform is one of the activities that can be done during breaks throughout the day. According to a study from the West University of Timişoara in Romania, taking these breaks contributes to reducing fatigue, improving sleep quality, increasing energy, and enhancing concentration.

Thinking about taking a break? Watching a Brazilian music show is a good choice!


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