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Great compositions by Cazuza recorded by other artists

Updated: Apr 3

Known as one of the great lyricists of the 80s generation, Cazuza was recorded by several names in Brazilian music

Cazuza cantando
Photo: Reprodução

When we talk about Cazuza, the great compositions written by the musician immediately come to mind. It's no wonder he was nicknamed a poet, given the enormous talent he had for writing such beautiful songs. But anyone who thinks that Cazuza's lyrics echoed only in his voice is mistaken. Other great names in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) recorded songs written by him. Check it out:

Ney Matogrosso - Poema

One of the most beautiful and touching lyrics in Brazilian music, "Poema" was written by Cazuza when he was only 17 years old and was a tribute to Maria José, the singer's grandmother. Ney Matogrosso gave voice to this classic.

Cássia Eller - Malandragem

Still in the wave of tributes, "Malandragem" was written by Cazuza and Roberto Frejat for Angela RoRo. However, the singer did not record the track. The song reached the public's ears only in 1994, in a powerful interpretation by Cássia Eller.

Gal Costa - Brasil

"Brasil" is one of Cazuza's great political anthems and, in addition to being a success in his own voice, it was also highly acclaimed after Gal Costa's recording of the track in 1988.

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