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Historic: The first DVD of Alaíde Costa is available on streaming

Show, which has classics of the Brazilian songwriter, is on WePlay Music TV

It took a while, but it's here. "A Dama da Canção", the first DVD of Alaíde Costa, was only recorded in 2015 and released two years later, in 2017. At first, the record that by the pioneering and celebration of Alaíde's work brings a degree of gigantic importance, was released only in physical format, in launch of the New Station label with distribution of Tratore.

However, in 2022 it is already possible to find a streaming platform to fully watch this beautiful presentation of Alaíde Costa. WePlay Music TV is the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows and the show "A Dama da Canção" was one of the first to be included in the service catalog.

Recorded at Estúdio 185, in São Paulo, the record features songs such as "Retrato Em Branco e Preto (Antonio Carlos Jobim and Chico Buarque, 1968), "Preciso Chamar Sua Atenção" (Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos, 1969), "Amigo Amado" (Alaíde Costa and Vinicius de Moraes, 1973) and many others.

At WePlay you watch the show "A Dama Da Canção" with all the information of musicians and authors of the songs performed, as if it were a DVD booklet.

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