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How Gal Costa was essential to Novos Baianos

Artist sang classics of the band in concerts for years

Gal Costa em imagem de Marcos Hermes
Gal Costa| Photo: Marcos Hermes

The year was 1969 when the Novos Baianos participated in the 5° Festival de MPB da TV Record. At the time, the group formed by Luiz Galvão, Paulinho Boca de Cantor, Moraes Moreira, Pepeu Gomes and Baby Do Brasil presented to the jury the song "De Vera". The following year, with a contract signed with the label RGE, moved to São Paulo and recorded the album "É Ferro Na Boneca".

With little repercussion (in fact, the band was still considered a generic incitive to Tropicalism), the Novos Baianos saw the shows become increasingly rare and the contract with RGE eventually came to an end. However, they gained one more chance, this time with Phonogram.

It was on the EP "Novos Baianos e Baby Consuelo No Final do Juízo" that the group launched "Dê Um Rolê", song that symbolized hope in the face of the difficult moment that the musicians passed. Gal Costa liked the song so much that incorporated not only this track, as well as "Tinindo Trincando" in the repertoire of the show Gal A Todo Vapor. Subsequently, the two songs were part of the album "Acabou Chorare", considered one of the most important of Brazilian culture.

From there, the brothers Pepeu and Jorginho Gomes also became part of the band of Gal and, subsequently, created one of the most iconic groups in Brazilian music, A Cor Do Som, with Baixinho (percussion) and Dadi Carvalho (bass) - both also members of the bahiana singer's band.

Gal Costa continued singing for years the classics "Dê Um Rolê" and "Tinindo Trincando" at their shows. In the show "A Pele do Futuro", launched in 2019 by Biscoito Fino, the artist starts the show with "Dê Um Rolê".

You can watch this moment on WePlay, the first streaming platform of Brazilian shows.



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