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How Gilberto Gil released one of the most cultured records of Brazilian music in 1972

"Expresso 2222" is one of the most important albums of national culture

Gilberto Gil Ao Vivo no show "Concerto de Cordas, Máquinas de Ritmos"
Gilberto Gil| Photo: Ricardo Dell Rosa

After three years of exile in London, after being hunted by the military dictatorship, Gilberto Gil returned to Brazil in 1972 with a lot of cultural baggage, after all, he had access to many things that were once distant to him, from routine customs to the way of making music. Happy to return to the country, Gil began working extensively on a new album.

The record in question would become one of the most worshiped of national music, the classic "Expresso 2222", who turned 50 recently. In 2012, the album, which features Gilberto's son Pedro Gil on the cover, was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road studio in London, the same place where the Beatles recorded "All You Need Is Love" live, in the world's first satellite broadcast in history.

Songs that are eternized in Brazilian culture, such as the title track of the album, "Back In Bahia" and "Chiclete Com Banana" are still part of Gilberto Gil's repertoire of shows and are part of the tracklist of this historic album, both for the circumstances in which it was produced, and for the timeless character that the songs achieved.

Here at WePlay, you watch the show "Concerto de Cordas e Máquinas de Ritmos", where the musician presents many of these tracks accompanied by the Orquestra Petrobrás Sinfônica.

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