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How the prejudice suffered by Erasmo Carlos resulted in the classic "Meu Nome É Gal"

Track was in the history of the singer's career

How the prejudice suffered by Erasmo Carlos resulted in the classic Meu Nome É Gal/ Foto: Marcos Hermes

"Meu Nome é Gal" it is already a historical song and, many times, the track ended the performances of Gal Costa. The song, released on a 1969 album of the same name, has a composition signed by Erasmo and Roberto Carlos and, over time, gained a special character: that of the strength and power of the name Gal Costa within Brazilian culture. The lyrics were commissioned by the artist's manager, Guilherme Araújo at the time.

Erasmo Carlos, who already had fame due to the extraordinary success of Jovem Guarda, was very well received everywhere, including in the homes of wealthy families. However, he realized that when trying a loving relationship he was always ordered to "keep himself in his place."

Disgusted by the situation that life had carried him, the Tremendão wrote: “E não faz mal/Que ele não seja branco, não tenha cultura/De qualquer altura/Eu amo igual”. That is, music is, in addition to a tribute, an outburst against prejudice.

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