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In 1991, Evandro Mesquita was invited to appear in a commercial with Tina Turner.

Blitz vocalist traveled to Los Angeles to record with the American singer

Tina Turner ao lado de Evandro Mesquita
Photo: Reprodução

The recent death of Tina Turnerthis past 24th of May brought to the memory of many Brazilians a commercial recorded in 1991 for a soft drink company. In this case, the Brazilian Evandro Mesquita performed alongside the American star.

The meeting not only took place but caused a rift in Blitz, the band led by Evandro at the time. The other members of the group did not like that Mesquita went alone to Los Angeles to record the advertising video. The episode was a trigger for the first separation of the group.

According to the musician, some people were jealous, however, he remembers that he received a lot of support too. In an interview with the Papo Com Clê podcast, drummer Juba recalled the situation. "I told them: 'Guys, let it go'. It's not cool for you to stop Evandro, Tina was like Michael Jackson at the time", said the musician.

And you, remember this episode?

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