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Independence Day is also a time to be proud of Brazilian music

Updated: Mar 13

Brazilian music is one of the most original and beloved in the world

Chico Buarque segurando um violão
Chico Buarque|Photo: Francisco Prooner

When we talk about Independence Day, we immediately feel pride in our country. But beyond a superficial phrase about the date, the national holiday also leads us to reflect on the elements present in our land that we are so proud of.

One of these elements (one of the main ones) is music. Always regarded as one of the most original and diverse arts in our country, national music transcends borders based on the works of renowned musicians.

And WePlay Music TV, the first platform for streaming Brazilian shows (also known as the home of Brazilian music), features some of the most important figures in Brazilian music worldwide. In the list below, you can check out some:

Chico Buarque

Regarded by many as the foremost author of Brazilian music, Chico Buarque is revered worldwide and is certainly one of our prides.

Alaíde Costa

Our lady of song has a beautiful and sensitive voice that moves everyone who listens. She ranks among the greatest singers of all time.

Lô Borges

The Minas Gerais native Lô Borges is one of the creators of one of the most listened-to albums worldwide, the famous "Clube da Esquina." Just with this collaboration, he secures all our pride, but of course, Lô is an artist in constant production.

Cássia Eller

Brazilian music also has room for rock, and Cássia Eller knew how to do it very well. With visceral performances, she released hits and delivered one of the best shows in the history of Rock in Rio in 2001.

Want to discover other great figures of Brazilian music? Access WePlay now!

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