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"It's Just Poetry": Lô Borges' 50 Years of Music in a Masterful Show

A performance celebrating the singer's career featured the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra and the group DoContra.

Lô Borges a frente da Filarmônica de Minas Gerais
Foto: JP Sofranz

"If I sing, don't cry, it's just poetry." The famous line from Lô Borges, present in the classic "Um Girassol Da Cor de Seu Cabelo" (A Sunflower of the Color of Your Hair), resonates in the singer's voice to a Sala Minas Gerais full of fans and lucky ones who witnessed a unique spectacle that surely made history. The music takes us to the "Clube da Esquina" (Corner Club), an album that marked Lô's debut in the artistic career in 1972. That same year, the musician ventured into a solo album, homonymous, but known as the tennis shoe album.

As we return to the initial minutes of the presentation at Sala Minas Gerais, before Lô's voice spread through the space, we had a brief introduction from the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra and the DoContra double bass quintet. The preface already dictated the beauty of the tone of the presentation, which was fully accompanied both by the orchestra and the quintet. The connection gained visceral tones with the presence of Lô Borges' backing band.

The kick-off was given, and the beauty of the original versions, recorded on albums, was enhanced in a grand concert, not by the size of the space or by a spectral performance, but by the fulfillment that the music brought to the venue, to the hearts and souls of those present or those who are now watching on video. We went through a true road, or tracks, that housed the famous "Trem Azul" (Blue Train) or even gave voice to the outburst in "Para Lennon e McCartney" (For Lennon and McCartney).

We are from South America, and perhaps for that reason, we are also fortunate to be so close to the work of Lô Borges and his partners, also present in the songs presented in this audio and video show released by Deckdisc. The full presentation is available on WePlay.

For the concert, the arrangements were made by Neto Bellotto, from DoContra, under the supervision of Lô and maestro Fabio Mechetti, Artistic Director, and Principal Conductor of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic. The concerts were conducted by the Associate Conductor of the Philharmonic, maestro José Soares. It was also the first time that the Orchestra performed a program entirely dedicated to the repertoire of a popular artist.

From the partners, we have joint compositions with Márcio Borges, Ronaldo Bastos, Patrícia Maês, Fernando Brant, and, of course, Milton Nascimento. A show worthy of the work, the road, the 50 years of music by Lô Borges. A presentation to be watched countless times. If you happen to have time, watch this show today in detail.

All rehearsals and the two presentations were recorded in video and audio, by the experienced German producer and audio engineer Ulrich Schneider. The concerts took place on December 21st and 22nd, 2022, at Sala Minas Gerais, the headquarters of the Philharmonic, closing the Orchestra's artistic year. Both nights were sold out within a few days.

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