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Learn about our relief efforts for Rio Grande do Sul

We have joined the "Children Should Play" project, which brings toys and books to children in shelters

In light of the severe situation in Rio Grande do Sul, the WePlay team came together to find a way to help during this challenging time. We chose to support the "Children Should Play" project, created by the Pediatric Society of Rio Grande do Sul (SPRS) in partnership with the Medical Union of Rio Grande do Sul (SIMERS). Our goal, alongside these organizations, is to bring entertainment, comfort, and joy to the thousands of children in over 30 shelters after the devastating rains that hit the state.

To achieve this, we have suspended conventional subscription models until May 31. This means that to access the more than 500 shows available on our platform, no subscription is required—just a donation.

Here's how it works: to access WePlay for 1 month, you need to donate $14.90. To access the service for up to 3 months, the donation is $44.70. None of the donations will have automatic renewal. It will be a one-time payment redirected to this project.

"We chose the 'Children Should Play' project because we understand that, amid so many needs, we cannot neglect the children. In such a difficult time, they also need comfort, entertainment, and tools that promote socialization. We believe that by donating toys, games, and books for coloring and reading, we can contribute to all of this. We are all saddened by this situation, but we are pleased with the beautiful action of this project organized by SPRS and SIMERS," says Maria Rita Lunardelli, CEO and founder of WePlay.

"Through play, a child will experience social rules, their fears, and anxieties. They will express how they see the world, what is bothering them. So play is a great way for us to interpret how the child's heart and feelings are. For us, in these flood situations, it's important that they have this space to play, to have an outlet to express their anxieties and fears through toys. Besides having fun and interacting with other children, it’s important to have a moment of peace and tenderness in such a complicated situation," explains Dr. José Paulo Ferreira, president of SPRS.

The entire action is supported and collaborated with by the record labels, producers, and independent artists partnering with WePlay, who have waived their earnings during the campaign period (see the list at the end of the text).

Record labels, artists, and producers supporting the "Children Should Play" campaign:

- Biscoito Fino

- Bob Zoom

- Boia Fria Produções

- Bruna Caram

- Cafézinho Edições

- Deck

- Humberto Zigler

- Huol Criações

- John Muller

- Leela

- Loop Discos

- Mills

- MINIDocs

- MZA Music

- O Rap Pelo Rap

- Ponto de Bala

- Showlivre

- TV Cultura

- Visom

- Yamandu Costa



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