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Márcio Borges and Chris Fuscaldo promote chat in São Paulo

Event that promotes the book "De Tudo Se Faz Canção" will have a pocket show by Graziela Medori and Alexandre Vianna

Márcio Borges e Chris Fuscaldo
Márcio Borges and Chris Fuscaldo - Photo: Disclosure

Text by: Garota FM Books press office

WePlay Music TV opens its doors on May 4th (Thursday), at 7pm, to host an event that will celebrate the music and history of Clube da Esquina in São Paulo. The action is part of the partnership between the streaming platform and the publisher Garota FM Books.

The organizers of the book "De Tudo Se Faz Canção – Os 50 anos do Clube da Esquina", Márcio Borges (one of the main lyricists of Clube da Esquina) and Chris Fuscaldo (musical researcher and biographer), will talk about the movement that placed Minas Gerais on the Brazilian music map. To interpret the songs that have made Brazilians' heads these 50 years, singer Graziela Medori and pianist Alexandre Vianna will bring excerpts from their show "Nossas Esquinas". After the literary and musical chat, the writers will have an autograph session.

The event is organized by Garota FM Books, responsible for publishing the book “De Tudo Se Faz Canção”, by Weplay Music TV, the first streaming platform for music shows in Brazil, and by Kuarup, a music and audiovisual producer that released the album "Nossas Esquinas", by Graziela Medori and Alexandre Vianna, a project that revisits several works from the album Clube da Esquina.

Graziela Medori e Alexandre Vianna
Graziela Medori and Alexandre Vianna| Photo: Luan Cardoso

Recently, Clube da Esquina, an LP recorded by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges in 1972, was elected the best album ever released in the country, according to a ranking prepared by the Discoteca Básica podcast team based on lists sent by 162 critics, artists and music researchers (including Fuscaldo). Aimed at foreign fans – the book is bilingual (Portuguese/English) and brings together long testimonials from the musicians involved in the production – among them Milton and Lô –, in addition to texts by Márcio Borges and a biography written by Chris Fuscaldo.

In addition to a track by track written by names like Ana Maria Bahiana, Charles Gavin, Patricia Palumbo, Kamille Viola, Ricardo Schott, Renato Vieira, Leandro Souto Maior, Bento Araujo and other musical researchers, the book also has a preface and an afterword telling how the celebrations were in 2022, with testimonials from actors of the musical Os Sonhos Não Envelhecem, by Ricardo Alexandre (editor of the Discoteca Básica podcast) and by Marcos Sabino, producer of the Marazul Festival, held in Niterói, where the LP was pre-produced between 1971 and 1972.

By the way, this is the first book that will help fans understand what the Marazul subdivision is, after all, and they will be able to take home a current photo of the house where Milton, Lô, Beto Guedes and Jacaré – Bituca’s Trespontano cousin – lived in the beginning of the 1970s. In addition to this, the book brings several other historical images, from Milton as a crooner for the group W's Boys (which had Wagner Tiso in the lineup) to his farewell from the stage on the tour The Last Session of Music.


Literary and musical chat about the 50 years of Clube da Esquina with Márcio Borges, Chris Fuscaldo and show by Graziela Medori and Alexandre Vianna

Date: 04/05/2023 (Thursday)

Time: 19h

Local: Weplay Music TV (Estúdio Voice: Av. Portugal, nº 918 - Brooklin Paulista)

Free entrance

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