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Overview of Festivals in Brazil: Diversity and High Ticket Prices Highlighted in Report

The "Festival Map" report mapped 298 festivals that took place in Brazil in 2023

Pessoas curtindo um show em um festival de música
Foto: Reprodução | Rock The Mountain

f the hegemony of Sertanejo music is clear and absolute on streaming services, radio, and television, this reality is different within music festivals in Brazil. At least that's what the "Festival Map" report indicated, mapping 298 major music events that occurred in the country in 2023.

The survey pointed out that 48% of festivals are multi-genre, meaning they cover various musical styles. "Even the João Rock festival, despite having 'rock' in its name, embraced the diversity of Brazilian music as a brand positioning. Beyond the obvious, that the more different styles, the greater the chance of pleasing more people, this result may also reflect the greater promotion of diversity in all senses, including musical taste," the report states.

And when we talk about diversity, we mean electronic music, Rap, Rock, MPB, and much more. Samba and Pagode, styles that were normally excluded from major festivals, also gained space.

High ticket prices

But, on the other hand, if we have a greater circulation of artists in their derived genres, access for the population to these major events is still difficult. The high value of tickets implies a limitation of the purchasing power of the public. To give you an idea, the average ticket price for festivals in 2023 was R$ 329 – which represents about 23% of the minimum wage, R$ 1,421. Free festivals are still a minority, with only 32 out of 298 falling into this category.

Brazilian artists most present at festivals

The top 5 Brazilian artists most present at festivals in 2023 feature 4 names from urban music: TETO, Djonga, Matuê, and MC Cabelinho. Completing the ranking is the rocker Pitty, the woman who performed the most at festivals last year.

Check out the artists who played the most by region: Djonga was the artist who played the most in the Northeast; Pitty in the Southeast; Felipe Cordeiro, Reiner, Azymuth, Banda Mega Pop Show, Rashid, Dead Fish, and Manoel Cordeiro tied in the North; YPU, Poze do Rodo, Letícia Fialho, and Flora Matos in the Midwest; Fresno in the South.

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