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Pitty and Nando Reis record DVD in São Paulo

Musicians record the tour "As Suas, As Minhas e As Nossas" at Vibra São Paulo

Pitty e Nando Reis gravam DVD em São Paulo
Pitty and Nando Reis| Photo: Otávio Sousa

In recent months, Pitty and Nando Reis have been together on the road with the tour "As Suas, As Minhas e As Nossas". Also titled PittyNando, the project is a success and capitalizes on the perfect connection between two generations: that of the titanic Nando, which emerged to the ears of the public in the 80s and followed with a successful solo career and that of Bahian Pitty, who came to rejuvenate Brazilian rock in the 2000s and which, since then, it has gone far beyond the hardcore proposed in the early albums.

The union between the two resulted in an immense list of hits and a much praised show. The success is so much that the partnership went to studio; arrives next Thursday, 2, an EP with classics like “Os Cegos do Castelo” (Nando Reis) and "Na Sua Estante" (Pitty), in addition to the unreleased "PittyNando" (Pitty/ Nando Reis), composed during the tour. In addition, the two take to the stage of Vibra São Paulo on Saturday, 3, for the recording of a DVD.

Photo: Lucca Miranda

The repertoire of the EP, as well as that of the show, brings completely new versions of hits that were revisited, gaining very different arrangements from the originals from a thorough research. "First I made a gigantic setlist with all my songs and nando's. Then we were observing which songs matched the most and that people would like to see us singing together and, mainly, what songs merged with each other organically. Then the audience will listen on the EP, as well as in the show, songs that are known, but in a way that they have never heard before", says Pitty.

The audiovisual record succeeds "Matriz Ao Vivo", released in 2020 by Deckdisc and now available on WePlay.


Show: Pitty and Nando Reis - EP Release "As Suas, As Minhas e As Nossas"

Date: December 3 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 pm

Location: Vibra São Paulo

Address: Av. das Nações Unidas, 17955 - Vila Almeida - São Paulo/SP

Tickets: From R$ 60

Classification: Free (under 16 accompanied by parents or guardians)



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