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Power and subtlety with Almério and Martins

Show recorded in Recife brings poetry, viscerality and public engagement

Cantores Almério e Martins no show "Ao Vivo No Parque"
Almério and Martins| Photo: Ashlley Melo

When Almério and Martins took the stage of the Teatro do Parque, in Recife, and echoed the historic "Anjo de Fogo" (Alceu Valença) connected to "O Habitat da Felicidade" (Lula Queiroga, Lucky Luciano), they not only warned that they had arrived, but that they would remain.

The entrance of the musicians, in parallel with the songs presented at that beginning of the show, is a true celebration of life, the way it is (and as it has to be). "Happiness doesn't need guilt" the singers end in unison. The audience applauds and vibrates in front of one of the show's most visceral moments.

Musicians who convey young aura, Almério and Martins have emerged on the music scene in the past decade and since then have collected achievements and attracted enthusiasts and music critics. On the show "Ao Vivo No Parque" (Deck), the two gathered their repertoires, brought unreleased songs and re-readings by authors who fell like a glove on the aesthetics of the show.

This is the case of "Amor Estou Sofrendo" (Jorge Aragão, Flávio Cardoso Silva), a track released in 1999. The connection between Brazilian music classics and contemporary songs also enter the lyrical point from the moment the musicians took "Segredo", from Isabela Moraes, for the show.

Among the many connections, the common point for the show by Almério and Martins is poetry, the lyrical richness exposed in both copyrighted songs and re-readings. The most beautiful thing to see is the audience, fully engaged with the beautiful show recorded there.

You can watch the show "Ao Vivo No Parque" here at WePlay!


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