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Roberta Campos mixes soul and MPB in new single

"Esqueço das Horas (Always On Replay)" is the title of the track released in partnership with Kate Eaton

Roberta Campos e Kate Eaton
Photo: Divulgação

Roberta Campos teamed up with the English singer Kate Eaton in the single "Esqueço das Horas (Always On Replay)”, released last Friday, the 24th. The single succeeds “Lumiar”, track released earlier this year.

Merging the melodious MPB, classic sound of Roberta Campos, with the emotive and captivating soul of Eaton, “Esqueço Das Horas (Always On Replay)" tells the already known story of a lost love, but with the differential of symbolizing a universal experience. In addition, the track also shows a junction of generations, since Campos is a big name in Brazil while the Englishwoman is part of a new musical generation.

The song was mastered at the historic studio Abbey Road, in London. The production is by Nick Atkinson and the instrumentation was also full of stars of the London scene, such as Jon Cox on bass (bassist, among other artists, for Ed Sheeran), Joe Glossop on organs (who has worked with artists such as James Morrison) and Sebastian Hankins on drums (also drummer for KT Tunstall, among others).

On WePlay you can watch the show "Todo Caminho É Sorte", with great success by Roberta Campos.


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