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Must-See Concerts for Your Year-End Parties

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

It's time to prepare the playlists for family gatherings.

Dodo, vocalista do Pixote, canta em microfone
Pixote | Reproduction

The end of the year is approaching, and with it comes the parties. And, of course, besides the barbecue and cold beers, music is a must. To save you time, we've selected five concerts for you to play at family and friends' gatherings.

Check it out:

Grupo Revelação - Ao Vivo No Morro - (a true end-of-year classic).

Grupo Revelação is one of the classics in pagode, and this show, recorded in 2009, is one of those performances that always airs on TVs across the country during the holiday season. Not for nothing, the group, led by Xande de Pilares at the time, brings a repertoire full of hits, including "Tá Escrito," a song treated like a mantra and, of course, a great dose of positivity for the upcoming year.

Maria Bethânia e Zeca Pagodinho - De Santo Amaro a Xerém - (A celebration of Samba and MPB)

Maria Bethânia and Zeca Pagodinho on the same stage is synonymous with a party. The two combined repertoires and interpreted great songs from the national songbook. Recorded in 2018, the show is, in fact, a grand celebration of Samba and MPB. Classics abound: "A Voz do Morro," "Sonho Meu," "Você Não Entende Nada," and "Deixa a Vida Me Levar" are just a few of the hits featured in the show.

Turma do Pagode - Esse É O Clima (original hits to sing along to)

Turma do Pagode is one of the groups with the most successful original songs in the Samba and Pagode scene. And this show is a treat for genre fans and those who don't want to leave the party without big hits. Recorded in 2009 in São Paulo, the show is on the list of the great pagode recordings of the decade.

Sururu Na Roda - Made In Japan (Timeless songs everyone knows)

If you want a concert with timeless songs, this Sururu Na Roda show recorded in Japan is the way to go. With songs that define Brazil's identity, the "Made In Japan" show consists of a repertoire that everyone knows, from "Aquarela do Brasil" to "Carinhoso," "Olhos Coloridos," and "Aquele Abraço."

Pixote - Ao Vivo No Estúdio Showlivre (get your voice ready to sing along to the choruses)

Away from the crowds, Pixote showed that they can put on a grand show and still bring an intimate atmosphere into your home. The hits of this São Paulo group will surely liven up any party, and even the most timid will sing along to the choruses that are already on the tip of every Brazilian's tongue.

Prepare your playlist

Now that the tips are given, choose your favorite songs and create a playlist on WePlay Music TV. The Brazilian concerts streaming platform recently introduced a feature that allows you to choose specific songs from each show and organize them in the order you prefer. The service also features other great performances, both in Samba and Pagode and other musical genres such as Rock, Forró, Sertanejo, and more.

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