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Songs to Dedicate to Your Love on Valentine's Day

The most romantic month of the year has arrived, and you can celebrate with music!

Casal abraçado em um campo com flores

The most romantic month of the year has arrived, and of course, on Valentine's Day, to make your tribute to your beloved even better, you can't go without music. We know this, so we have made a selection of songs that will touch anyone's heart.

Check it out:

Tribalistas - Velha Infância

The line "Você é assim, um sonho pra mim" ("You are like this, a dream to me") already sets the mood for this song, which is a true hit for lovers. With lyrics that most Brazilians know by heart, this song is a true declaration of love.

Vanguart - Meu Sol

Is the love of your life a radiant person who makes your day bright even in cloudy times? Well, if you connect with this brief introduction, the perfect song to dedicate to your boyfriend or girlfriend is "Meu Sol" by Vanguart.

Nando Reis - Sou Dela

Nando Reis is a true "composer of love." It would be possible to make a selection of just his songs on this theme, but we are sure "Sou Dela" would be on any of those lists. The song demonstrates a certain devotion to the beloved: "Sou dela/ Sem ela, não sou!" ("I belong to her/ Without her, I am not!")

Mestrinho - Te Faço Um Cafuné

Written by José Abdon, "Te Faço Um Cafuné" is a beautiful poem that narrates the affection within a romantic relationship. Echoed in various versions, such as the radio version by Mariana Aydar and the forró pé de serra version by Mestrinho, the song brings sensitivity in every sonic element.

Marisa Monte - Ainda Bem

Finding the love of your life is not easy and can take time, but when it happens, it is immensely joyful. This is the premise of this song composed by Arnaldo Antunes and Marisa Monte.

Bicho de Pé - Ai Que Saudade D'Ôce

"Ai Que Saudade D'Ôce" is a true classic of Brazilian music and has been recorded by various singers such as Zeca Baleiro, Elba Ramalho, and the group Bicho De Pé. The song, composed by Vital Farias, conveys the feeling of missing someone when apart.

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