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Songs to Get Your Junina Party Going

Games, traditional foods, and lots of music: the Junina festival season is officially here!

Cantor Alceu Valença acenando para o público
Alceu Valença em foto de divulgação

It’s official, the Junina festival season has finally arrived. And besides the games and traditional foods, no party is complete without music. If you need a hand putting together a playlist, we're here to help and even give your celebration a "live" touch.

Check out our list:

Alceu Valença - Morena Tropicana

The lyrics of "Morena Tropicana" aren't easy to sing along to, but at concerts, the energy is so high that the crowd sings in unison. This passionate song is essential for some close dancing at Junina parties.

Geraldo Azevedo - Morena Linda Flor

And speaking of passionate songs, we have to mention "Morena Linda Flor." Released in 1989, this song has become synonymous with fun and festivity in Geraldo Azevedo's repertoire. Needless to say, this song has to be on your playlist.

Zé Ramalho - Frevo Mulher

The party song! When you think of Carnival, you think of "Frevo Mulher." And it fits Junina parties too. The fact is, this classic by Zé Ramalho livens up anyone at any time.

Elba Ramalho - Sabiá

A classic by Luiz Gonzaga, composed in partnership with his eternal companion Zé Dantas, "Sabiá" has had many versions, including the legendary one recorded in 1996 by the supergroup O Grande Encontro (featuring Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo, and Zé Ramalho). The track has also been separately re-recorded by Alceu and Elba, who successfully put her own spin on the song.

This song is perfect for warming up in the cool June weather or simply celebrating outdoors.

Luiz Gonzaga - Cheiro de Carolina

And if we’re talking about Junina parties, we can’t leave out Luiz Gonzaga’s beloved hit from recent years. Revitalized by social media, this song is on everyone’s lips and feels like a recently released hit.

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