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The 20 years of "Admirável Chip Novo" is a milestone for Brazilian rock

Album released by Pitty in 2003 is celebrated with a tour in Brazil

Pitty celebra 20 anos do álbum "Admirável Chip Novo"
Photo: Divulgação

Always when we talk about the renewal of Brazilian rock, we mention some important periods, where the genre stood out and brought good new bands. One of these periods is the 2000’s. Some say that with less intensity, compared to the effervescence of the 90’s, for example. But a Bahian rocker, who already made her "runs" on the independent scene in previous years, emerged with an album that went down in history, the acclaimed "Admirável Chip Novo". The singer, in this case, was Pitty, who, of course, does not need introductions.

With title inspired by dystopia "Admirável Mundo Novo"(Aldous Huxley), Pitty's debut came with an A-side filled with hits: "Teto de Vidro", "Admirável Chip Novo", "Máscara" and the romantic ballad "Equalize". The album also has stoned that show how much the band, which was formed by Peu Sousa (guitar), Dunga (bass) and Duda Machado (drums), was sour.

Other classics, especially for hardcore Pitty fans, were born from this record, such as "O Lobo", "Emboscada" and "Temporal". The launch was made by Deckdisc and the production was signed by none other than Rafael Ramos. In the album, we still have the illustrious presences of Jaques Morelembaum (Cello), Ricardo Amado (Violin), Paulinho Moska (acoustic guitar), Luciano Granja (acoustic guitar) and several other guests.

The 20 years

"Admirável Chip Novo" it was a portal, a new dish of references so that other bands could emerge in the following years. And it still is. The songs very aged well and served as the perfect starting point for Pitty, that, as well as all artists, was seeking new paths to her sound from time to time.

In celebration of the album's 20th anniversary, the artist announced the tour ACNXX, that will run Brazil with the repertoire of the record being executed in full, but, with new arrangements. "It's not supposed to be what it was in 2003, but, what it is now, what these songs represent today. We will make new arrangements, respecting the originals, but with new elements, using the available technologies, interpreting the disc today”, says Pitty.

Pitty, who also signs the direction of the show, will be accompanied by her band Martin Mendonça (electric guitar), Paulo Kishimoto (bass) and Jean Dolabella (drums).

At WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows, you watch shows that marked the various stages of Pitty's career.



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