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The 30 year celebration of Pato Fu

Band launches unreleased tracks in celebration of 30 years of career

Pato Fu em foto de Íris Zanetti
Pato Fu in photo of Íris Zanetti

Pato Fu is one of the most important bands in the history of Brazilian rock. With its peculiarities, the group has done several successful projects in the last 30 years of road, including Toy Music, having its two shows available on WePlay, the first streaming platform of Brazilian shows.

The band has prepared several actions that promise to leave the hearts of pato fans warm. One of them is the dissemination of unreleased tracks, which are gradually reaching streaming services.

The last ones were "Silenciador", "Fique Onde Eu Possa Te Ver" and "Regresso". The new tracks continue to bring more of Pato Fu's already traditional experimentation, but also – in a tone of celebration – include memories of their career in production and lyrics. With topics ranging from politics to interpersonal relationships.

The musicians commented on each track:

“Fique Onde Eu Possa Te Ver”, composed by guitarist John Ulhoa, is a tribute to friends and “people we want well”, comments the artist. “During the pandemic I saw many friends in the midst of depression, lack of money, and the very illness of the virus. It's a song to give these people a hug," he says.

“As a curiosity, I started from the guitar riff I composed when I started playing almost 40 years ago. If you take that into account, it's my new music record that took longer to get ready!", says Ulhoa.

Composed by Fernanda Takai, “Regresso” flees interpersonal relationships and talks directly about self-exploration and self-knowledge. In this track, the vocalist also brings a little of her solo career, having its origin “in some verses of my partner Climério Ferreira, poet from Piaui present in my solo albums", according to Takai.

"He first appears on a Pato Fu album, in the track produced by Dudu Marote that brings a pulsating environment, suggesting a dive into ourselves", says the artist.

“God speaks by the barrel of my revolver / And the Bible is my silencer”, these are verses from the first stanza of “Silenciador”, that carries the political weight of this second wave of singles. John Ulhoa associates the exploitation of faith with power and violence.

“Recently I think I came to a good end with the religiosity of many friends, of the most varied currents. Even with the social function of many institutions called "Christian". But to my sadness, this came just at the same historical moment as the most virulent mix of politics and religion I have ever witnessed", explains the guitarist.

He added: "They say that faith moves mountains, but when it is used to validate violence and prejudice, it is not faith that it is, it's another name."

Formed by John Ulhoa, Fernanda Takai, Ricardo Koctus, Xande Tamietti and Richard Neves, Pato Fu continues, with this release, its 30-year anniversary journey, which will result in a new EP of the band and the tour ‘Pato Fu 30 Anos’. The third and final instance of this path will be in March.

Long live Pato Fu!



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