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The B-side of "A Revolta Dos Dândis"

Album crosses the boundaries of great hits and brings tracks acclaimed by fans of Engenheiros

Humberto Gessinger
Humberto Gessinger| Photo: Luigi Vieira

When Humberto Gessinger began his career as a musician in the distant year of 1985, he had no idea that the group he had assembled for a performance at a college festival, the Engenheiros do Hawaii, would garner performances throughout Brazil, perhaps by countries beyond our borders. Nor did he think that the band's second studio album, “A Revolta Dos Dândis”(1987), would be a national rock classic.

The record has its peculiarities, such as the absence of drums in the hit “Terra de Gigantes". The truth is that one of the producers was enchanted by the track, however, saw as a necessity the inclusion of the instrument. Humberto, accompanied by his colleagues Augusto Licks and Carlos Maltz, they accepted the request… At least in parts. Only one drum turn was made during the entire song, even included "just for English to see".

The album had good successes throughout the country and has underscored the group's career with successes such as “Infinita Highway” and “Refrão de Bolero". But do you know the B-side of this iconic record?

With songs that mix cryptic or even ironic lyrics with very unique sounds, the album's most obscure songs are the favorite of card fans of the Engenheiros. What to say, for example, from the verses of "Vozes": "Se você ouvisse as vozes que ouço à noite/Acharia tudo que eu faço natural". The song follows in a melancholic tone, Gessinger's standout feature as a lyricist. According to drummer Carlos Maltz, the lyrics are autobiographical, that is, very personal.

"Guardas da Fronteira" it has a critical tone, although Humberto has already explained that the lyric only brings the narrative of a drunk on the balcony of an apartment. The sound has oriental veins and the music refers to Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the great names of existentialism. The track also has the participation of singer Júlio Reny.

Other major highlights of this B-side are "Quem Tem Pressa Não Se Interessa", who had the battery engraved in the RCA bathroom and "Além dos Outdoors", with an introduction made by a synthesizer, simulating a telegraph.

Gessinger, already in a solo career, celebrated the 30th birthday of "A Revolta Dos Dândis" in 2018, with a show made at Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre. The recording, which is produced by rio's label Deck, is available on WePlay, the first on-demand video platform focused on shows in Brazil.

At the time, the album was played from end to end, with Rafa Bisogno on drums and Felipe Rotta on guitar. The full presentation for the record proves that the album overcomes the barriers of great successes, especially with the large mass of fans of Humberto and Engenheiros.

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