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  • Lucas Lima

The incredible story of how Elza Soares used music to fight hunger

Singer was only 13 years old when she first performed on a radio

One of the greatest voices of all time, Elza Soares worked hard to achieve recognition, either within her own family or even in the music market. Digna de clássicos como “A Carne” and “A Mulher do Fim Do Mundo”, and elected as "the voice of the millennium" by the BBC, Elza started early on.

Elza Soares was only 13 years old when she first performed on a radio. The station, in this case, was Radio Tupi, where the famous and famous sambista (and much more than that) Ary Barroso had a program. He himself received her. Little did he know that Elza Soares's goal that day was to bring food home.

The singer, who was the daughter of a washerwoman and a construction worker, was forced to marry when she was 12 years old. At 13, she was already a mother. When she appeared on Radio Tupi, skinny, with patched clothes and borrowed sandals, Ary Barroso was amazed. Then he asked where that girl had come from. "From the planet hunger, " replied Elza quickly.

The presentation was a success. The verses composed by Paulo Marques and Aylce Chaves in the song “Lama” echoed from the voice of Elza Soares: “Se quiser fumar, eu fumo / se quiser beber, eu bebo”.

After the real show, Ary Barroso decried: "Right now, a star has just been born". However, Elza's family was totally against her music career, so she was able to devote herself to the craft only eight years later, when she was 21 years old.

Celebrate the career of this great Brazilian singer on WePlay with the show “Beba-Me". Released in 2007, the record brings classic sambas that were characteristic in the voice of Elza Soares.



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