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The love story that inspired "Frevo Mulher"

Updated: Apr 3

Composed by Zé Ramalho, the song is a declaration for the singer Amelinha

Amelinha abraçada a Zé Ramalho
Amelinha and Zé Ramalho | Disclosure

Recorded by various singers and known in every corner of this country, "Frevo Mulher" is a song that is already in the heart of Brazilians, and the way the composition was born is indeed very beautiful. The music was written by Zé Ramalho, from Paraíba, in the late 1970s when he was staying at the Plaza Hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

At the time, Zé Ramalho was already a successful singer, and one of the year's revelations was singer Amelinha, who, by sheer coincidence, was staying at the same hotel as the singer. From his window, Zé saw many songwriters offering songs to Amelinha. That's when he wrote his own, not only to give as a gift to Amelinha but as a declaration of love.

"Frevo Mulher" is entirely inspired by Amelinha's figure, and in two ways, the song was successful: it was and continues to be a hit throughout the country and was the root of the relationship that Zé and Amelinha had until 1983. From their union, two children were born: João Ramalho and Maria Maria.

Unusual version

As already mentioned at the beginning of the text, "Frevo Mulher" has had numerous interpretations by various Brazilian music artists. One of the most original is by the band Pato Fu. The song became part of the "Música de Brinquedo" project repertoire, where the group uses toys to recreate sounds. You can watch this more than original show on WePlay Music TV, the first platform for streaming Brazilian concerts.



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