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The rock fashion of Ricardo Vignini and Zé Helder

Musicians take rock classics to the world of the redneck viola

Ricardo Vignini e Zé Helder formam o duo Moda de Rock
Duo Moda de Rock| Photo: Rita Perran

The mix of rock and the redneck viola, right away, seems unlikely. But Ricardo Vignini and Zé Helder not only made it possible, but also built a work worshiped in Brazilian music with unconventional versions for great classics of world music. The project could not have a better name: Rock Fashion.

The story of this project began in 2007, when Ricardo and Zé, who are music teachers, decided to show the potential of the redneck viola to their students. At the same time, the two used the opportunity to recall songs that were part of their adolescences, especially great rock classics.

Metal and acoustic steam have come together as water and wine, a singular connection, it's true, but original and mesmerizing. From there, the Rock Fashion project only grew and reached great musicians such as Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Lúcio Maia (Nação Zumbi), Edgard Scandurra (Ira!), Robertinho de Recife, Pepeu Gomes, Kiko Loureiro (Angra and Megadeth), percussionist Marcos Suzano and singer-songwriter Renato Teixeira.

In 2012, the musicians released the DVD "Moda de Rock, Viola Extrema Ao Vivo", with participations by Pepeu Gomes and Kiko Loureiro. Audiovisual registration is available on WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows. The presentation features international classics such as "Aces High" (Steve Harris) and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic), copyright ed tracks such as "Alvorada" (Ricardo Vignini) and national hits, such as "Preta Pretinha" (Luiz Galvão, Moraes Moreira).

Recently the duo released the album "Moda de Rock Brasil", only with national rock classics in redneck viola.



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