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The story of Chico César in Music

One of the greatest singers of Brazilian music began his career in 1991

Chico César
Chico César| Photo: Ana Lefaux

Chico Francisco César Gonçalves, Chico César, is a well-worshiped singer and composer in Brazilian music, but it was not always like that. Chico, who is from the countryside of Paraíba, took a while to enter the musical career.

When he was 16 years old, he moved to João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba. He moved to the city just to study. The effort paid off, considering that he graduated in journalism at the Federal University of Paraíba. During the university period, he participated in cultural projects and went into militancy against the Military Dictatorship.

At the age of 21, he moved to São Paulo and started working at Editora Abril. Throughout this period, Chico practiced on the guitar insistently, although he did not follow a professional career yet.

In 1991, he began performing musically and, due to his talent, was called up for a tour in Germany. However, it was only in 1995 that Chico César released his first studio album, entitled "Aos Vivos". The record features one of his biggest hits, the song "Mama África". Since then, music is Chico César's main profession.

In 2006 he released the DVD "Cantos e Encontros De Tempos Pra Cá" (Biscoito Fino) and, in 2017, "Estado de Poesia Ao Vivo" (Deckdisc). The two are available on WePlay Music TV, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows.


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