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The Story of Frenéticas

Group born within a disco from an idea by Nelson Motta


The Frenéticas were a musical group founded in 1976 that changed the music scene in the 80s, but do you know how it all began?

The year was 1976, and journalist, composer, and music producer Nelson Motta opened the Frenetic Dancing Days discotheque in a bustling shopping center in Gávea, Rio de Janeiro. However, Nelson's idea was that the venue would go beyond the traditional discos that were buzzing in the city. He wanted the waitresses to perform a musical number in the middle of the night, as a surprise.

Sandra Pêra, Motta's sister-in-law and sister of renowned actress Marília Pêra, embraced the idea and brought some friends into the group: Regina Chaves, Leiloca, and Lidoka. Dhu Moraes and Edyr de Castro were the two who joined later.

Everyone knew the idea was good. What no one knew was the resounding success that this group of women would achieve nationwide. The plan was for a musical number of at most five songs, and rehearsals were led by guitarist Roberto de Carvalho, who was at the beginning of the enduring relationship he had with Rita Lee.

A few served tables later and energetic musical numbers (the nightclub, in fact, lasted only 4 months), Frenéticas were projected onto the world and released hits that were mandatory at practically every party in the 80s.

In 2018, Dhu Moraes and Sandra Pêra took the stage to capture the "Duas Feras Perigosas" show, a celebration of the golden period of Frenéticas.

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