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The story of Zeca Pagodinho in music

Updated: May 1

Singer and songwriter who began his career in the 80s turns 64 in February

Zeca Pagodinho no show De Santo Amaro a Xerém
Zeca Pagodinho in Photo of Daniela Nader

That Zeca Pagodinho is one of Brazil's most beloved figures, everyone already knows. But few know the trajectory of the musician who turns 64 years old on the fourth of February. Born in the neighborhood of Irajá (RJ), Zeca has been passionate about music since a very young age and before being considered a professional in the field, he had many other professions.

He started attending samba circles in childhood and, from the 1970s, he left school to work as a street vendor. He has also been a street vendor, an office boy, and a jotter of illegal lottery games.

His first composition was recorded only in 1983. It was "Amargura," released on the second album of the group Fundo de Quintal. The success of the track led Zeca to be considered a sought-after composer. Beth Carvalho recorded "Camarão que Dorme a Onda Leva" and Alcione gave voice to "Mutirão do Amor."

Zeca's first solo album, self-titled, hit stores in 1986 and has sold over a million copies to date. In 2002, the musician was awarded a Latin Grammy in the "Best Samba Album" category with "Deixa a Vida Me Levar."

Here on WePlay, you can watch the historic show "From Santo Amaro to Xerém," where Zeca joins Maria Bethânia on stage for an incredible exchange of hits.



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