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Theories about the meaning of "Táxi Lunar"

Composed by Alceu Valença, Zé Ramalho and Geraldo Azevedo, the song has enigmatic lyrics

Geraldo Azevedo com um violão ao lado de Zé Ramalho
From left to right: Geraldo Azevedo and Zé Ramalho | Disclosure

"Táxi Lunar" is one of those songs that takes you to another world. Whether for the mesmerizing sound, or the enigmatic lyrics that often make us wonder, what does this song really say?

There is no official explanation, what we do know is that this iconic song was composed together by Zé Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo and Alceu Valença, back in the 70s, although it was only released on record in 1983 by Zé Ramalho.

There are various theories on the meaning of the song on the internet. The simplest of them is that the lyrics talk about a love that is so strong that it is from another world.

The passage where he says "Bela, linda criatura, bonita/Nem menina, nem mulher/Tem espelho no/seu rosto de neve/Nem menina, nem mulher" created the rumor that the song talks about love for an extraterrestrial, having given that the beloved figure was neither a girl nor a woman. Another explanation for the passage is that the beloved girl was young, but not so young to be a girl, and not so old to be a woman.

The most superficial explanation about the song is that it is basically an allusion to marijuana. The red hair of the being mentioned in the song would be the embers of a drug that takes you to another world.

So, do you believe in any of these theories?

"Táxi Lunar" is a true classic and, in addition to Zé Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo and Alceu Valença have also given voice to this song. Watch unforgettable performances of Brazilian music now on WePlay Music TV, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows.



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