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WePlay and Belas Letras announce partnership and benefits for subscribers and readers

Updated: Feb 27

The book "The 50 Greatest Shows in the History of Brazilian Music," by Luiz Felipe Carneiro and Tito Guedes, is the centerpiece of the partnership

The great moments of Brazilian music are immortalized in various ways, whether through records, documentaries, and, of course, concerts. Especially for the latter, researchers Luiz Felipe Carneiro and Tito Guedes joined forces to tell the story of Brazilian music through unforgettable performances. The result is the book "The 50 Greatest Shows in the History of Brazilian Music," which delves into the behind-the-scenes of important moments in national music, such as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil's last concerts before their exile in 1969, Cazuza's protest against the country by spitting on the Brazilian flag at Canecão in 1988, Cássia Eller's iconic performance at Rock In Rio 2001, and many others.

The book is the focal point of the partnership between Belas Letras Publishing House, responsible for the publication, and WePlay Music TV, a streaming platform of Brazilian shows with a catalog full of performances by both established and emerging artists of the national music scene. And there's much to gain from this: those who purchase the book through the publisher's website get a 25% discount on WePlay subscription. Meanwhile, streaming service subscribers get an exclusive 5% discount on the book purchase.

"This partnership is very cool and interesting because it's a clear connection between audiences who share a common passion: Brazilian music. And for WePlay, a company whose pillar is the valorization and revitalization of national music, it's a joy that it happens with such a rich centerpiece, which is Luiz Felipe's and Tito's book," says Maria Rita Lunardelli, CEO and founder of WePlay.

The book "The 50 Greatest Shows in the History of Brazilian Music" is available for sale on the Belas Letras publisher's website, and eleven posters come with the launch. If you are a WePlay subscriber, keep an eye on your email inbox, as that's where your coupon with an exclusive discount will arrive. If you haven't received it, please contact us at:

A WePlay é uma plataforma de streaming de shows brasileiros que acredita na diversidade da música nacional e na importância das informações e dos créditos para os artistas. Conheça mais sobre o serviço em


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