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What does the lyrics of 'Aquarela' say

Classic by Toquinho was composed in partnership with Italian Maurizio Fabrizio

Cantor Toquinho com um violão
Foto: Divulgação

Released in 1983, 'Aquarela' is a timeless classic and, of course, takes us back to childhood. Far from the colored pencil commercials, the music composed by Toquinho in partnership with Italian Maurizio Fabrizio brings a much deeper meaning. But do you know how it all began?

The composition process

It all started back in 1982, and Brazilian musician Toquinho already had good recognition in national and international music. That's why the singer-songwriter was in a series of shows in Italy, which caught the attention of entrepreneur Franco Fontana, founder of the Maracana record label. It was Franco who brought Toquinho together with Maurizio, who, in partnership, created material for four albums.

One of the fruits of this partnership is precisely 'Aquarela', which, according to Toquinho, is a combination of two songs. According to the musician, Maurizio came with a song very similar to 'Uma Rosa em Minha Mão', composed by Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes in 1974. He then merged the two tracks.

'One fit into the other, naturally, on the first attempt, it was the first song he showed me,' he reveals. 'So, we spent not even three minutes to make the song that would be known as 'Acquarello', in Italian, which is our 'Aquarela'. I thought it was beautiful, got excited, and in the following days, we made about eight melodies,' says the Brazilian musician.

The real meaning of 'Aquarela'

Many are reminded of childhood when we talk about the classic 'Aquarela'. However, the music was not made for that purpose. It speaks about living life with simplicity, even if unexpected events occur. 'If a little drop of paint falls on a little blue piece of paper/In an instant, I imagine/A seagull flying in the sky,' says the song. That is, even if the unexpected happens, it is always possible to overcome it.

Although positive, the music also speaks that nothing lasts forever, it is inevitable to leave, to say goodbye, and even if the Sun is as yellow as possible, it will discolor.

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