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What is the digital booklet, a unique concept used by WePlay

Updated: Jan 10

Brazilian platform is the only one to value credits for musicians and authors in the music market

Encarte digital WePlay
WePlay digital booklet - Reproduction

Changes in the music market have dictated new ways to listen to music. What used to come packaged in a CD, vinyl, or DVD is now just a click away. Everything has become more practical and flexible. However, this evolution overlooked a very important detail: the booklet that provided music fans with all the information about authors and musicians.

WePlay Music TV was born with this concern. Today, the service is the only one to introduce the concept of a digital booklet, featuring information about authors, musicians, the recording location of the show or music video, record label, director, and much more.

"We always heard complaints from musicians who were not credited in their releases. We also realized that we, as music fans, didn't have an easy way to find the names of authors or musicians in a particular song. Many times, the available information wasn't even so reliable. There are many cases where an author is credited, but, in fact, there is co-authorship. It's important that everyone is credited," explains Maria Rita Lunardelli, CEO and founder of WePlay. "Our idea is to have an increasingly complete digital booklet. We are in this phase of evolution, but we already have a list of songs, authors, musicians, directors, record labels. All this information with very easy access within the platform," she adds.

Today, within audio services, only three provide information about composers, although in a hidden way. In the audiovisual category, where WePlay fits, the Brazilian startup is a pioneer.

How to get to know WePlay?

WePlay is a streaming platform that recently entered the music market. Focused on Brazilian musical audiovisual production, its principle is to value the musician and Brazilian music in all its diversity.

To access the service is simple: visit and click on "Try for Free." Sign up and you're done! You also get 7 free days to explore the platform and watch your favorite Brazilian music shows.



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