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Who is Greyson Nekrutman, the new drummer of Sepultura

Musician to replace Eloy Casagrande, who left the band to focus on other projects

Integrantes do Sepultura
Da esquerda para direita: Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green e Paulo Xisto | Foto: divulgação

Yesterday afternoon, February 27th, Sepultura announced the departure of Eloy Casagrande, the virtuoso drummer who gained international recognition when he took over the drumsticks of the band with roots in Minas Gerais in 2011. To replace him, Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green, and Paulo Xisto announced American Greyson Nekrutman as the new member.

Considered one of the most talented young figures in the Metal scene, Greyson is only 21 years old, started his career with a focus on Jazz, and gained prominence by contributing to Suicidal Tendencies.

Greyson Nekrutman, novo baterista do Sepultura
Greyson Nekrutman em foto de divulgação

"Today, I express my sincere gratitude for the incredible opportunity to join the legendary members of Sepultura on their farewell tour. Contributing to this legacy is a privilege that fills me with honor and enthusiasm. Sepultura's fearless approach to exploring new territories in the metal sphere is something I have always admired and used as inspiration in my own musical endeavors. I look forward to adding to the band's art, to connecting with the fans who have always supported Sepultura during their evolution, and also to creating new electrifying experiences on stage. Here's to the new chapters we will write, to the stages we will conquer, and to the powerful music we will present worldwide," Greyson said in a statement.

Farewell Tour

Regarded as one of the leading names in world Metal, Sepultura, a band that began its journey in Minas Gerais in 1983 and has since undergone several lineup changes, is about to hit the road with a worldwide farewell tour. Entitled "Celebrating Life Through Death," the series of shows begins where it all began, Belo Horizonte, on March 1st. This year, the tour will also pass through Juiz De Fora, Brasília, Uberlândia, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianópolis, and São Paulo.

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