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About WePlay


WePlay is the 1st streaming platform for Brazilian music shows, focused on great timeless performances of national music. Its business model includes benefits for Brazilian music lovers, musicians and record companies. Users have access to unforgettable shows, which bring back fond memories or provide the discovery of new musical references, with the diversity that only Brazilian music has.


One of the pillars of WePlay is appreciation, and this involves musicians, directors, authors and record companies. All are duly credited in our digital booklet.


Record companies even gained a new tool to revitalize and monetize a collection that has undergone a strong reduction in demand with the drop in consumption of entertainment content on physical media, such as DVD.


WePlay is available for a monthly subscription and can be accessed both via browsers on computers and connected devices, as well as through apps on iOS and Android systems and on Smart TVs. For us, a show is life and living is a show!!

WePlay, the home of Brazilian music.

How was it born?


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maria Rita Lunardelli realized that the music chain was at a standstill due to the lack of shows, and that musicians were not paid fairly for the audiovisual works made available, both in live streams and in recordings on the internet.


The music lovers also did not have a way to watch their favorite shows with credits for musicians and authors, given the drop in DVD sales. Thus, the idea of creating the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows was born.


“There is a large collection of shows to be explored and an audience eager for this offer on digital streaming platforms. The pandemic also drove a change in habits and the option of watching full shows, in the comfort of your living room, took on a new dimension. In this sense, we work hard with specialized curators to present the best of Brazilian music in our catalog. Our intention is to give visibility to the entire music chain so that the public can get to know the record labels, independent artists and follow musicians who will also be paid. And, at the same time, we want to rescue affective memories, providing new experiences and sensations with each show”,

emphasizes Maria Rita

Our team

Avatar - Maria Rita.png

Maria Rita Lunardelli

Avatar - Helcio.png

Helcio Filho

Avatar - Ricardo.png

Ricardo Dantas
Commercial and Marketing

Avatar - Vitor.png

Vitor Trida

Avatar - Isaac.png

Isaac Miranda
Assistant of Digital Marketing

Avatar - Monica.png

Monica Sampaio Garfinkel
Founder and Executive Director

Avatar - Fernanda.png

Fernanda Alves Oliveira
Financial Manager

Avatar - Wilson.png

Wilson Dias Camargo

Avatar - Lucas_2.png

Lucas Lima de Oliveira
Content Producer


Thiago Bubniak Gomes

Try It Now


WePlay is available both for access via computer browsers and other connected devices, as well as with an app for iOS and Android and also for LG and Samsung Smart TVs. You can also access WePlay through devices like Roku or Fire TV. Watch your favorite shows now, in full and ad-free, with full credits for musicians and authors available.

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