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30 Years: why is 2023 the year of Pixote?

One of the most traditional pagode groups completes 30 years of career

Grupo Pixote
Pixote| Photo: Divulgação

Suddenly 30? That's right. In 2023, Pixote, one of the most traditional pagode groups, complete 30 years of career and several actions have been made to celebrate this milestone.

Coming from The Tiradentes City, neighborhood of the East Zone of São Paulo, Pixote recorded in January a DVD that, fairly, celebrates 30 years of road. No release date yet, the group had already made a similar celebration, in 2007, when they completed 15 years. This particular show, launched by Atração Fonográfica, is available at WePlay Music TV, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows.

The band has also released songs in this very special period. This is the case of "Você Não Sabe Voltar", that has recently reached audio services.

Hoping that many identify with the new composition, the group says they are "very excited” for the release and believes a lot in the potential of the track. Even with your story about a couple of ex-lovers that don't work out when they try to get back, the track continues to bring the dancing rhythm of the pagode.

“Here you come with this tired talk / Digging up another fight from the past / As far as I know, I've already 'been forgiven’/ You said it was a closed matter.”, the group begins singing in the first verse, already making clear the theme of the lyrics.

Continuing, full of emotion: “I screwed up once, I already know, I won't deny it / That's why you came back, to remembre again?”.

Celebrations shouldn't stop there. The year 2023 promises for Pixote, that like so in the last thirty years, continue on the crest of the wave.



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