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Hits from the 2000s in Brazilian music

From Pitty to Zeca Pagodinho, the classics of the first decade of the millennium are more alive than ever

Pitty anos 2000
Foto: Reprodução

Brazilian music shapes generations and lasts forever, after all, music has no expiration date. And when we talk about the 2000s, many songs are present in people's daily lives. Here are some examples:

Pitty - Na Sua Estante

Not only the music, but the music video for "Na Sua Estante" by the rocker Pitty, is still fresh in the memories of many. The song was released in 2005, on the album "Anacrônico" and is a staple at the singer's shows.

Tribalistas - Velha Infância

Most Brazilians can sing "Velha Infância" by heart. A classic from Tribalistas, the song was an immediate radio success and is unforgettable when it comes to emotional memories.

Detonautas - Quando O Sol Se For

A song to sing along and feel ecstatic, "Quando O Sol Se For" was released in 2002 by Detonautas, but still retains the freshness of its release time. Isn't it a great addition to that travel playlist?

Vanessa da Mata - Boa Sorte

Released in 2007, "Boa Sorte" brought new energy to MPB. A partnership between Vanessa da Mata and Californian Ben Harper, the song is a resounding success, spawning theories, derivative versions, and even memes with its lyrics.

Zeca Pagodinho - Deixa a Vida Me Levar

Zeca Pagodinho is an icon in Brazil and "Deixa a Vida Me Levar" is practically an anthem. Because it's so ingrained in our culture, the song seems even older, but it's from 2002.

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