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Adriana Calcanhotto announces tour in honor of Gal Costa

A series of performances celebrating the work of the artist who died last year begins in April

Adriana Calcanhotto
Photo: Leo Aversa

Singer Adriana Calcanhotto announced today, the 22nd, the dates of the "Gal: Sacred Things Remain" tour. As indicated in the title, the series of concerts is a great tribute to Gal Costa, a singer who suddenly left the scene in November last year.

The show, which will pass through cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Santos (check out the complete list at the end of the article), is directed by Adriana herself, together with Marcus Pretto, producer and artistic director of the last shows and albums by Gal, such as the hits "Estratosférica" and "A Pele Do Futuro".

Both reverberated on extensive tours that were later recorded in videos, now available on WePlay Music TV, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows.

The band that accompanies Calcanhotto in this new project didn't "fall with a parachute" either. It is formed by André Lima (keyboards), Fábio Sá (bass) and Victor Cabral (drums and percussion), the same trio that played with Gal Costa on the "As Várias Pontas de Uma Estrela" tour. In fact, all the staff behind the production were involved in Gal Costa's shows. The making of the scenery is signed by Omar Salomão, son of Wally Salomão.

"For me Gal leaves a gap that will never be filled", diz Adriana.

"When we were thinking of a star for this tribute, Adriana came to mind as the only option. Only she - besides Gal - knew how to make such a fluent transit between the vanguard of Brazilian music in the 1970s and the hits of popular radio stations. And Gal loved Adriana", says Preto.

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