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Artists who are synonymous with Carnival

From Alceu Valença to Ivete Sangalo: think of Carnival, they're there

Cantor Alceu Valença sorrindo em frente ao microfone
Foto: Rafael Strabelli/Divulgação

It's official, Carnival has arrived and, amidst street parties, parades, glitter, and confetti, we have the artists who are practically symbols of Brazil's most festive holiday. We've selected some names that have a guaranteed presence in every Carnival:

Alceu Valença

The songs of Pernambuco native Alceu Valença are a must at any Carnival, and the "Bicho Maluco Beleza" block is already a tradition. I already hear your signals: Carnival without Alceu Valença is not Carnival!

Geraldo Azevedo

The classics of Geraldo Azevedo are among the most requested during this festive period. It's no wonder that the singer has a busy schedule for this time of year.

Ivete Sangalo

Cantora Ivete Sangalo embalando multidão no trio elétrico
Foto: Rafa Mattei

The "Carnaval da Veveta" is one of the most sought-after in the country, and the hits of the Bahian singer are perfect for this time of year. Not to mention that, every year, it's a different success. Could Ivete Sangalo be the ambassador of Brazilian Carnival?


One of the most echoed names in Brazilian music, Anitta has turned Carnival into a real tour with the "Anitta's Rehearsals." The events are among the most popular across the country!

Zeca Pagodinho

Zeca Pagodinho sorrindo e acenando para a câmera
Zeca Pagodinho em foto de divulgação

Zeca Pagodinho loves Carnival so much that he has even been honored by the Grande Rio Samba School! And, of course, the singer's songs are perfect for enjoying moments of relaxation with friends.

With the diversity of Brazilian music, there's Carnival for every taste, and, of course, many other artists could be on this list. If you're spending the holiday at home, don't forget to make your playlist on WePlay. Don't let the party leave you!

WePlay is a Brazilian show streaming platform that believes in the diversity of national music and in the importance of information and credits for artists. Learn more about the service at



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