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Bruna Caram releases song with Zeca Baleiro

Rereading of "Eu Nem Ligo", by Gonzaguinha, wins rock version with participation of the maranhão musician

Cantora Bruna Caram e cantor Zeca Baleiro em frente a um microfone
Bruna Caram and Zeca Baleiro| Photo: Isabelle Andrade

Singer and multiartist Bruna Caram continues to spread good news about the project "Afeto e Luta", a record that will feature versions for tracks by Gonzaguinha. The good thing about the time is the launch of "Eu Nem Ligo", originally launched in 1976 and reread by Bruna with the participation of none other than Zeca Baleiro.

After the releases of “Redescobrir”, “Não Dá Mais Pra Segurar (Explode Coração)” and “É”, Bruna Caram chose Gonzaguinha's B-side song to close solo releases before the album. “Eu Nem Ligo” was the song that most stirred Bruna in adolescence to the present day:

“‘Eu Nem Ligo’ healed me from many situations of sadness and stress, I always listened when I needed to feel better, and in these recent years of political dismay, it returned to be a pertinent song and necessary for me. Bringing my partner Zeca Baleiro to interpret it today is a gift." tells the singer.

Zeca Baleiro does not participate in the song by chance. The musician was present on Gonzaguinha's last album, entitled "Duetos". The new version of "Eu Nem Ligo" brings nuances of jazz and rock and relies on the percussion of Lan Lanh, who has played with artists such as Cássia Eller, Nando Reis and Elba Ramalho.

For a long time, Bruna Caram has shown great reverence for Gonzaguinha's work. On the show "Alívio Ao Vivo", available on WePlay, the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows, the musician had already presented her version to "O Que é O que é", great classic of the musician.

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