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The day Cássia Eller woke up Dave Grohl

Updated: May 1

Singer performed the classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at Rock In Rio III and impressed the American musician

Cássia Eller no Rock In Rio
Cássia Eller at Rock In Rio III

The show Cássia Eller gave at Rock In Rio III in 2001 went down in history. On that occasion, the Brazilian singer kicked off the proceedings on the same day as bands like Foo Fighters and R.E.M. were set to perform.

But the date of January 13, 2001, wasn't just memorable for the fans who watched Cássia Eller's performance. Dave Grohl, lead singer of Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana, was impressed when he heard the Brazilian singer's version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," a worldwide rock classic released in 1991 by the aforementioned Nirvana.

At the time of the show, Dave was asleep, but Melissa Auf der Maur, former bassist of Hole and Grohl's girlfriend at the time, woke him up so he could watch Cássia's performance, especially her rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Upon meeting Cássia, Dave declared that hers was the best version of the track he had heard up to that point. Later, during the Foo Fighters' show, Cássia took to the stage with Melissa to wish the musician a happy birthday, as he was turning 32 at the time.

On WePlay, you can remember Cássia Eller's full show at Rock In Rio.



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